Here it is located in NW Ankeny Iowa

24 Apr

Here it is located in NW Ankeny Iowa

Take a look at this image. I tried to upload this last blog and it was my first attempt to blog from my Samsung Note II, guess the picture didn’t accompany the post. Sorry about that.

If you like the outdoors this development is great. Not far from the lakes and just a block from one of the top biking paths in the state. High Trestle Trail is a great ride with plenty of fun places to stop along the way. Meadowbrook Builders is building Energy Star 3.0 homes with many of the features that you may think would be upgrades. I am holding 2 homes open on Sunday from 1-3 so come on out and see what all the hype is about!

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Trestle Point is the Next Big Thing

19 Apr

Trestle Point is the Next Big Thing

Great opportunity to build your next home. Meadowbrook Builders has great options. We are currently building 2 ranch homes and a 2 story home. If you want a ranch with 3 bedrooms or a ranch with a finished basement we have what you want. There are more lots available with easy access to the HIgh Trestle Trail. We have a new plat coming soon but more lots available TODAY! Call Tim Scheib with Century 21 for more information 515-313-7103

Rockin’ 2013 New Construction in Iowa

10 Jun

WOW, it has been a fast pace spring!  I haven’t put together many blogs this year and that is because this year has been so busy.  We are seeing so many new starts and so many pending sales.  Re sale houses have been selling so fast that the custom market has slowed.  Buyers need homes quickly so we are seeing the number of spec sales soar.  I don’t have any real stats in hand to back up this claim but I am sure the research would prove it.  When resale moves quickly buyers need a place sooner which means that most buyers don’t want to take the time necessary to build a custom.  This is why we are seeing so many holes dug for foundations.  Now only if we can get rates to stay low we will continue to see values rising and home sales increasing.  Pay attention to this market because it could be the right time for you to buy or sell or both!


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New Construction update Ankeny, IA

30 Aug

New Construction in the Des Moines market has been pretty stable for the last couple years. It is not a secret that Ankeny has more new construction than any other city/town in central Iowa. We have seen consistent growth in Ankeny and it seems like all homes that are built, sell. Is this trend going to stop anytime soon? It sure doesn’t seem like that is the case. As I am sifting through the numbers, I am seeing our month supply of new homes consistently less than a 6 month supply. The 6 month supply is a benchmark that we use to determine if it is a buyers or sellers market. If we see less than a 6 month supply it tends to lean towards a sellers market and if we see more than a 6 month supply it moves towards a buyers market.

New houses in Ankeny priced between $175,000 and $200,000 are slim pickings. We have sold about 37 houses in 2012 and we only have 17 for sale. That leaves us with a 3.5 month supply of homes. Ranch style homes make up around 8 of the houses currently active and 22 sold. So if you see a ranch on the market between $175,000 and $200,000 expect it to sell quickly because we only have a 3 month supply of them in Ankeny.

In Ankeny we currently have 27 new homes for sale between $200,000 and $225,000. Of the 27 we have 15 ranch style homes and 12 two-story homes. We have sold 54 houses in Ankeny between $200,000 and $225,000 leaving our market holding a 3.85 month supply of homes in that price range. 3.85! I am astonished to see these so low but it is what it is! Ranch homes in that price range have a 3.25 month supply while two-story homes have a 5.6 month supply in Ankeny.

If I bump up the price range to $225,000 to $250,000 we see a very similar trend to the lower price range. We have sold about 54 new homes priced between $225,000 and $250,000 while only carrying 26 active listings. We have a 3.85 month supply of homes in that price range. This is still a very good number for builders and home prices. In the same price range we have a 3.25 month supply of new ranch style homes and a 4.7 month supply of two-stories.

Homes priced between $250,000 and $300,000 have been moving at the same rate. This may be a shock to you but with these interest rates you are seeing many people buying their second or third home. We have a 3.2 month supply of new homes priced between $250,000 and $300,000. We currently have about 12 ranch style homes and 16 two-story new homes active for sale. With such a small month supply they won’t be around long. If builders don’t get a start on the next season we could be very short on supply. Builders, build away!

This is all good news for our local economy. The more houses that sell and the smaller our inventory is the faster our home values should come back. Stay tuned to my blog for occasional new construction updates.

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All information based on figures pulled from the Des Moines Multiple Listing on 8/28/2012. All figures are factual estimates.

2011 Compared to 2012

29 May

The research that I have done for this blog is today compared to last year.  I looked up the number of new homes sold from January 1, 2011 to June 1, 2011.  These are closed transactions compared to the closed transactions that have occurred between January 1, 2012 to June 1, 2012. 


Town/City           1/1/2011-6/1/2011          1/1/2012-6/1/2012

Ankeny                                                                102                                         98

Altoona                                                14                                           18

Clive                                                      14                                           29

Polk City                                               5                                              14

Grimes                                                 35                                           21

Johnston                                             20                                           24

West Des Moines                            41                                           43

Urbandale                                           27                                           47

Waukee                                               35                                           34


These number show that each individual area has different gains and losses.  The communities make up the large gaps.  For example, In Urbandale there were some major hot spots and that is why you see the major increase.  Ankeny has seen a pretty consistent number compared to a year before.  With prices of land going up I am not sure that we will see an increase in sales but I am confident they will not decrease significantly.  The cost of dirt is going up but there are more developments opening up which will allow builders to create and meet the demand of buyers.  Stay tuned for the next update!

Clive, Urbandale and Waukee

22 May
Tim Scheib

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In 2012 the there has been 15 new construction two story homes sold in Urbandale, Waukee and Clive priced between $300,000 and $350,000.  That breaks down to about 3 new two story homes sold per month.   In today’s market we see 12 active new two story homes located in these three locations.  With those facts we see that there is a 4 month supply for sale.  National Association of Realtors says that a balanced market is about 6 months worth of homes.  This means that there is a high demand and a low supply.  If you are looking for a two story home in these areas and you like new construction you need to act quick because the good ones may be gone before you know it! 

I took the same criteria that I used above and increase the price range to $350,000 to $400,000.  The results of that search showed 8 homes have sold and 8 are currently active.  After 5 months it is easy to see that we have a 5 month supply of new two story homes within that price range.  New construction has made a very strong come back in the Des Moines metro especially in the North Western parts of the metro.   Thanks for following along!

The New Home Market

21 May

This home was SOLD in 2012

There are many homes being built across the Des Moines Metro. Our new construction market took a large hit since 2007. After many properties went back to banks and many builders went out of business we are seeing many positive changes. There have been 721 new homes sold or went pending in 2012 (statistics include all Des Moines Multiple Listing members). The same time period in 2011 there were 460 new homes sold. That is a a 36% difference from the previous year to the positive side. I will continue to give you updates soon. Stay tuned!